[Reader’s Submission] Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process – A Paradigm Shift

CORPORATE INSOLVENCY RESOLUTION PROCESS – A PARADIGM SHIFT by  Adv. Nikhil Gupta & Ms. Kriti Mittal   ABSTRACT: Existence of multiplicity of laws and various adjudicatory agencies have rendered the entire process of debt recovery redundant. The fragmented legislations do not aid lenders in timely recovery or restructuring of defaulted assets, which ultimately causes undue problem […]

Index of Citations of Law Reports

ACC               = Allahabad Criminal Cases ACJ                = Accidents Claim Journal AIC                = All India Cases AIHC             = All India High Court Cases AIR                  = All India Reporter All Lj               = Allahabad Law Journal ALR             […]

A Glossary of Legal latin

Legal latin: A   Ab initio: From the very beginning  Ab intra: From within/inside Ab extra: From outside  Actus reus: Criminal Act Ad-hoc: For this  Ad idem: Agreeing in essential point  Ad interim: In the meantime  Ad-valorem: According to the market value  A fortiori: with even stronger reason  Alias: otherwise called Alibi: defence claim that […]