Index of Citations of Law Reports

ACC               = Allahabad Criminal Cases

ACJ                = Accidents Claim Journal

AIC                = All India Cases

AIHC             = All India High Court Cases

AIR                  = All India Reporter

All Lj               = Allahabad Law Journal

ALR                = Allahabad Law Reports

ALT                = Andhra Law Times

ALT (Cri)       = Andhra Law Times (Criminal)

An WR          = Andhra Weekly Reporter

Andh LT       = Andhra Law Times

ATC              = Administrative Tribunal Cases

BC                 = Banking Cases

BLJR             = Bihar Law Journal Reports

Bom CR        = Bombay Cases Reporter

Bom LR         =Bombay Law Reporter

CCJ               = Consumer Claim Journal

CHN              = Calcutta High Court Notes

CLA               = Corporate Law Adviser

CLC               = Consumer Law Companion

CLJ               = Calcutta Law Journal

CLR               = Current Labour Reports

Cal LT            = Calcutta Law Times

Comp Cas    = Company Cases

CPJ                = Consumer Protection Judgments

CPR               = Consumer Protection Reporter

CTR               = Currents Tax Reporter

Cri LJ             = Criminal Law Journal

Cri LR            = Criminal Law Reporter

CLT                = Cuttack Law Times

CTC               = Current Tamil Nadu Cases

CWN             = Calcutta Weekly Notes

DLT               = Delhi Law Times

ECC               = Excise and Custom Cases

ELT                = Excise Law Times

FAC               = Food Adulteration Cases

FAJ                = Food Adulteration Journal

FJR                = Indian Factories Journal

FLR                = Indian Factories And Labour Journals

Gau LR          = Gauhati Law Reports

GCD               = Gujrat Current Decision

GLH               = Gujarat Law Herald

ITR                 = Income Tax Reports

Kar LJ            = Karnataka Law Journals

KLJ                 = Kerala Law Journals

KLT                = Kerala Law Times

Lab IC           = Labour And Industrial Cases

LLJ                = Labour Law Journal

LLN               = Labour Law notes

Mad LJ         = Madras Law Journals

Mah LJ         = Maharashtra Law Journals

MPLJ            = Madhya Pradesh Law Journals

MWN           = Madras Weekly Notes

PLJR            = Patna Law Journal Reports

PLR              = Punjab Law Reporter

RD                = Revenue Decisions

RLR              = Rajasthan Law Reporter

SCC             = Supreme Court Cases

SCC (CIV)   = Supreme Court Cases (Civil)

SCC (Cri)    = Supreme court Cases (Criminal)

SCC (L&S)  = Supreme court Cases (labour & services)

SCR             = Supreme court Reports

SLJ              = Services Law Journals

SLR             = Services Law Reporter

STC             = Sales Tax Cases

TAC             = Transport And Accidents Cases

ULJ             = Unique Law Journal

(Formerly Unique Purpose Law Journal and A.P. Law Journal)

-Pallavdeep Singh

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