Reader’s Submission: Law as an instrument of Social Change

“I have a vision of India: an India free of hunger and fear, an India free of illiteracy and want.”

-Late Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Law has been playing a major role in framing the society since many years and will always play a key role in times to come. In the preliminary chapters of free India, law evolved from the customs and cultures of that time, which further contrived the organised society that we thrive in today. Among many others, The Hindu Marriage Act and The Hindu Succession Act are prominent examples of such evolution.

Lady Justice commonly depicted by a blindfolded statue of lady holding a sword in one hand and a scale in the other gets her origin from Lustitia, The Goddess of Justice within Roman mythology. She epitomises objectively, that the judicial machinery should bring upon the the principles of equality, irrespective of the identity, devoid of any sense of fear, nepotism or corruption. Since the genesis of free India the lawmakers of India have always laid down multiple laws, ordinances, statutes and guidelines which led to the construction of a progressive mindset among the citizens of our nation. This further resulted in the elevation of the Indian society as the largest democracy of the world.

Numerous legislations like “Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987” ; “Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961” ; “The Right of Children To Free and Compulsory Education Act,2009” etc. , have changed the course of law in India.

In times to come the Indian Society will be at the peak of the socio-economical and the political development because of the constantly evolving legislation and judicial activism of the honourable Courts of India. No matter what social evils are existing in the society, the hammer of law will stand as a key support to all the individuals.

The time is not far off when the law will entirely raze the evil elements of the society after which India will lead in the aspects of the social development globally and will become an inspiration to many more.

This is my vision of a rising India.

-Navreet Kamal Kaur

 1st year student of B.A LLB 

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